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User Anthony.H Asked:

I have a POSBANK Anyshop D510 POS system. Needs a new power adapter. It is a 4pin 12v 5a adapter. The unit linked here,, looks like the correct adapter. Do you happen to know if this is used as a POS power adapter?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi A. THe power supply you provided a link for is a standard 5A unit, with a 4 Pin connector. If you look at the picture, you will see the square 4 pin tip. There is only one connector that looks like that. So if the connector in the picture on the website looks the same, then it will work for sure. Thank you for you question.

User Robert Britto Asked:

I have a Westinghouse tv model #EUM24F1G1 with a broken switching apapter the adapter is a 12 volt 3 amp adapter will one of your adapters work on our tv. Thanks Bob

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Roberto. Although I can't answer questions about specific models, I can let you know about the specifications in General. These power supplies are very standard, and all 12V DC 3A power supplies are actually the same. THe only difference is not in the electrical current, but in the quality of the power supply... and the connector used. 12V 3A power supplies will usually have a single barrel type 5.5mm x 2.5mm dc connector. If you look at the old power supply, or the the place on the TV where you plug the power supply in, and you see a simple round connector about 5.5 mm in diameter, then it is a standard conenctor, and this power supply will work. The other decision is whether to get the UL listed one, or the standard one. The UL listed power supply is higher quality, and should work longer.... although it is a little more expensive. For home use, the cheaper standard power supply will probably do the job just fine. The only difference is that the UL listed one has a 2 year warranty and the standard has 1 year. Here is a link to both of these power supplies: Standard 12V 3A Power Supply: UL Listed 12V 3A Power Supply:

User Michael Abildtrup Asked:

I need: Power Supply: 12-Volt. 2-Amp Output; Power Supply Barrel: Outside 5.5 mm, Inside 2.5mm (Positive Center) Which one do I order?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Michael. The power supply you are looking for, the 12V DC 2A Power Adapter is a standard unit that is available on the main page of the site. It come with the standard DC connector which 5.5mm x 2.5mm. This matches your specs exactly. It comes in two version, the standard unit which is great for normal household application, and the UL listed unit which is a little more heavy duty, and is great for more sensitive equipment such as lab or medical devices, high end audio or video gear, or any situation where failure is not an option. Here is a link to the Standard 12V 2A Power Supply: Here is the LInk to to the UL Listed 2A Power Supply:

User Richard Asked:

Hi I want to use your 12V 10A power supply to power a car radio I have in my garage. Is this supply designed to be plugged into a 110V wall receptacle 100 percent of the time, even when the radio is turned off and drawing no power? Also what is the power supply current draw when it is plugged in but not supplying any power? Thanks Richard

Our Technician Answers:

Hi.. The 12V 10A Power Supply is Ideal for powering a car radio at home. Please make sure that the total watt usage of the car stereo is not more than 120W, which is the maximum load possible for this power supply. If the radio is turned off the power usage is almost zero. The power supply only turns on when there is a load on it... So you don't have to worry about the power supply passively using power.

User Ramon Asked:

I have a Relaxzen massage/heat chair, looking for replacement power adapter, any suggestions as to th right one?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Ramon. I can't do all your research for you in relation to finding the power supply, but I can give you some hints.. The easiest way is to find the old or broken adapter for the device you want to power and look at it for the details. It will have the voltage as well as the amperage printed on it. So if it says 12V, you will need to use a 12 Volt power supply. The voltage has to be an exact match. The amperage will be shown either as A for Amps, or W for Watts. For this, you need to find a power supply that can supply the same, OR MORE, than what the current power supply indicates. So if the old power supply says 2A, you can use a 3A or a 4A, or even higher. If there is no amperage indicated on the old unit, there should be a wattage shown as "W". To get Amperage from Wattage, all you have to do is divide watts by volts. In this case you would divide by 12, So if the 12V power supply is 60 watts, that would be 60 W divided by 12V, which is 5A... So you would need a 5A or higher power supply. The other thing to check on the old power supply is the type of connector. All our power supplies have a standard DC connector. It is a barrel connector with an outside barrel of 5.5mm, and and inside barrel of about 2.5mm. If the old power supply has a non standard connector, square, or multiple pin, then you will need to order the universal power supply we carry, which has a set on interchangeable connectors so you can find one that matches your device. I hope this helps.