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User M L Asked:

Hi, I am looking for a standard 12 volt/2 Amp cable with a barrel that Calle Baughurstis 5.5mm on the outside, and 2.5mm on the inside - center pin positive.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi ML. All the power supplies on this site come with the standard 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel. They all center positive. So any of the 12 volt power supplies will match the connector that you need.

User karynn gerow Asked:

hi my electrician is wiring my solar lights so they ll last longer i need anything esp if its a plug thats 1.2volts and 600 milli amps and then i have to waterproof it any ideas of what i could use thanks

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Karynn.. For any outdoor application, you should use one of the waterproof water supplies. These can be installed outside... in the rain, (but not for submerged use). They come in 12 Volt 2.5 Amp Size and 12V Volt 5 Amp Size. For all load from 1A to 2.5A (12W-30W) use the 12V 2.5A, for all loads from 2.5A to 5A, use the 5A unit.. Simple as that.

User brandon Asked:

I need to replace a Foshan Hanyi AC adapter, model HSY70-12. Please offer suggestions.

Our Technician Answers:

HI Brandon***. I am unable to give you details about specific model numbers. In order to find the correct power supply, you have to find the voltage of your device, as well as the maximum amp, or watts it uses... then you just have to match the voltage exactly, usually 12 Volts, and pick a power supply that is the same, or bigger in Amp rating than your device. So if your device is 12 Volts, and uses 2.5A, you can use a 2.5A power supply, but even better, use a power supply that has a slightly highr capacity, such as 3A or More. This way the power supply will run cooler and more stable, than one running at it's maximum capacity. If you only have the rating of your device in watts, then you simply divide by the voltage to get amps. For example, a 12V motor, running at 60 watts. You would divide 60W by 12V, which means it is a 5 Amp device. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

User Matthew Ponsot Asked:

I am seeking a power supply for a Netgear ReadyNAS 314 input 110 output 12volt, 7.5A (4 pin din) Their part number 332-10581-01 Please help! Thank you!

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Matthew. To find the power supply you need, you should simply do a google search for the model number of your device. In this case just put: Netgear ReadyNAS 314 in Google. All you need is to find the voltage (V) and the Amperage (A) of the device.. and match them to the adapters on our site.. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

User Bryan Asked:

I have an indoor camera with a 8ft cord. When I replaced the cord with a longer one 15ft and the night vision IR's come on the camera cuts out. What power supply can I use or am I not going to be able to use the longer one. The current supply is 5V 2.0 A I don't want to burn up the camera with the wrong one. Any help would be helpful. Thanks Bryan

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Bryan. With DC loads, there is a loss of voltage that increases the longer the cord is. The solution for this is either to use a thicker (higher gauge wire), or to use a higher amperage power supply. Or to place the power supply closer to the camera, so you can have a shorter DC cord, and a longer AC cord as AC power carries better over longer distances.