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Waterproof 12 Volt DC Power Supply

12V 2.5A
Input: 100/240 Volts AC 50-60 Hz
Output: 12V DC 1-2.5 Amp (Maximum: 2.5A)
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Waterproof 12V DC Power Supply Adapter for Outdoor or humid environment use. This power supply is waterproof, and can be placed in rainy areas, or areas of high humidity. It is also sealed against dust and other particles. This power supply can survive in the toughest environments. Examples: LED Signs, CCTV/Surveillance Cameras, Water Pumps, Motors, Amplifiers, and many more. This adapter will protect your valuable electronics against spikes and dips in power, and will shut itself off if the power supply becomes unstable. It can be reset by being unplugged and replugged in. It is vastly superior to cheap look alike power supply adapters and normally retails for $100.00.

About the Connector:
This adapter has a raw cord on input and output. Any connector can be attached.


30W Waterproof Power Supply (Constant Voltage)
1.CE ROHS IP67 ceritificate.
2.High efficiency,save energy,friendly environment;High stability and low ripple
3.Integrity protection,over-loading,over-voltage ,over-current,and short circuit to keep the safety of power supply product and LED lamps
4.LED switching power supply using pulse width modulation(PWM) switching technology designed to ensure power supply stability and high efficiency.
5.The constant voltage output guarantees power source's stability,better LED lighting effects and a loger life
6. IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installations,Cooling by free air convection

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