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Universal Power Supply Adapter 90W Power Supply

Universal 90 Watt
Input: 100/240 Volts AC 50-60 Hz
Output: Adjustable 12V to 24V
U.S.A. : $6.99
Canada: $18.99
International: $19.99


Sale Price:$25.99


HEAVY DUTY Universal DC Power Supply - 90 Watts: This high quality heavy duty power supply adapter can power any device that uses DC power from 12V up to 24V. The output is adjustable. This is a regulated power supply that will protect your devices in case the power source becomes unstable. It has auto shut-off capability. Adapter has a USB port right on unit to charge or power any USB device. This unit comes with a variety of connectors (9 of them), that will power any device that fits these power specifications, including laptops, lcd screen, audio or video devices, electric motors, LED lights, etc...

Products Features:

  • Can Power any device between 12V and 24V DC
  • Comes with 9 changeable tips (connectors) for compatibility with any device.
  • Power supply has a USB port right on unit to power or charge USB devices.
  • Regulated power supply for very stable power.
  • Over Current / Over Voltage protection. The unit will shut itself down if power becomes unstable for any reason.
  • Will power almost any laptop, LCD screen, hard drive, DC motor, LED lights, and any device that falls within 12V and 24V DC.

Maximum Load for each Voltage:

12V Max Load = 7.5A*
15V Max Load = 6A*
16V Max Load = 5.6*
18V Max Load = 5A*
19V Max Load = 4.74A*
20V Max Load = 4.5A*
24V Max Load = 3.75A*

* Maximum Load above represents the LARGEST load you can place on the adapter for each voltage.
Example: If you set this unit to 15 Volt output, it can power any device that is rated 5.83 Amps or less. SO it can power a 12V device at 1 Amp, or 2.5 Amp, of 7.5A, or anything in between.

The Supplied Connectors:

For Laptops:
This power supply has been tested to successfully power the following laptop brands:
Toshiba, Acer, IBM, Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq
This is not a complete list. As long as the specifications of the laptop fall within the unit's power range, it will work.

For LCD Screens:
This power supply will power any LCD screen accept those that require a 4 Pin connector.