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AC/DC Power Supply Adapters for Electronic Devices.

Power Supply Adapters for:

LED Lights   • Hard Drives   • Monitors
Video   •   DC Motors   •   Audio
Any device that requires stable DC power.
12V Power Supply Adapter

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We Stand Behind Our Product: One Year Warranty on All units

Standard Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These standard 12V Power Supplies are ideal for all home or consumer application. They have a very low failure rate, and are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Standard Power Supply Adapter

UL Listed Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These UL listed power supplies recieve the highest level of testing, and are UL certified for
manufacturing quality. They have a 0% failure rate, and come with a 2 year
immediate replacement warranty.

UL Listed Logo

Power Supply Adapter for LED lights and Strips: 12 Volt DC (12V DC)
Power Supply Adapter for LED lights

This power adapter supplies a constant current, Ideal for all types of
LED based lights, including signs, camera lights, LED strips and many more.

Constant current for stable lighting
Waterproof Power Supply Adapter: 12 Volt DC (12V DC / Outdoor)
Waterproof 12V Power Supply
Waterproof Power Supply for Outdoor or Humid Environment Use.
This power adapter has a sealed case that allows it to be placed in rainy
environments, humid environment, or other tough environmental conditions.
LED lights/Strips, Signs, Water Pumps, Security Cameras etc...

Ask An Expert

User Juan Stellas Asked:

What is the difference between the regular power supply, and the UL listed one?

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Juan **** The standard and the UL listed power supplies are almost identical in terms of power the AC/DC input and output. The main difference in them is that the UL listed units receive a much more vigorous level of testing. Their components have to meet a high standard of quality, so the wiring in the UL listed units is usually of a heavier gauge. Which you chose depends on the application. For example, for normal home us, the standard units are just fine. For an application in a Laboratory with sensitive equipment, I would recommend the UL listed unit. I also recommend the UL listed unit for audio application where line noise is an issue. The UL listed units have a ferrite core on the cords that acts as a line noise suppressor. This line noise can show up in Audio recording, and even on sensitive video screen. Finally, if you are a reseller, and the product you are selling has a UL listing on it, you will need to match it with a UL listed power supply so that your product can be sold as UL listed. Finally, the UL listed power supplies have a 2 year warranty, while the standard units only have a 1 year warranty.

User Daniel Brightman Asked:

Do you have any power supplies with a different connector than the 5.5mm one in your listings?? My mini router uses 12v power adapter a slightly smaller barrel connector.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Dan. Yes, almost all our power supplies are available with a smaller plug. We list the 5.5mm x 2.5mm one on most pages because it is the most common, and covers 95% of all devices. We can however, if you request it, send any of the units with a smaller 5.5mm x 2.1mm blug. The 2.1mm represents the inner barrel diameter, and should work with some smaller devices. If you are unsure, I would recommend ordering the standard one however because it does cover almost all unit, and even devices that need a 2.1mm plug will actually usually function with slightly bigger 2.5mm one. Also, for larger orders, we can custom make any connector size.. This is possible for orders of 100 units or more, and will have a 10 day lead time. I hope this answered your questions.

User Sanford Erickson Asked:

Does the output plug come with a choice of polarities? I require the centre connector to be + positive and i don't want to have to re-wire unless necessary.

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Eric... All the connectors on our 12V power supplies follow the standard polarity, which is center positive. This means the inside of the barrel is positive, and the outside is negative... It is possible to switch the polarity by cutting the 2 wires, and switching them around and reconnecting them with electrical tape... This is safe and effective.