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Power Supply Adapters for Electronic Devices.

Power Supply Adapters for:

LED Lights   • Hard Drives   • Monitors
Video   •   DC Motors   •   Audio
Any device that requires stable DC power.
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Standard Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These standard 12V Power Supplies are ideal for all home or consumer application. They have a very low failure rate, and are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Standard Power Supply Adapter

UL Listed Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These UL listed power supplies recieve the highest level of testing, and are UL certified for
manufacturing quality. They have a 0% failure rate, and come with a 2 year
immediate replacement warranty.

UL Listed Logo
Waterproof Power Supply Adapter: 12 Volt DC (12V DC / Outdoor)
Waterproof 12V Power Supply
Waterproof Power Supply for Outdoor or Humid Environment Use.
This power adapter has a sealed case that allows it to be placed in rainy
environments, humid environment, or other tough environmental conditions.
LED lights/Strips, Signs, Water Pumps, Security Cameras etc...
Power Supply Adapter for LED lights and Strips: 12 Volt DC (12V DC)
Power Supply Adapter for LED lights

This power adapter supplies a constant current, Ideal for all types of
LED based lights, including signs, camera lights, LED strips and many more.

Constant current for stable lighting

Ask An Expert

User Bryan Asked:

I have an indoor camera with a 8ft cord. When I replaced the cord with a longer one 15ft and the night vision IR's come on the camera cuts out. What power supply can I use or am I not going to be able to use the longer one. The current supply is 5V 2.0 A I don't want to burn up the camera with the wrong one. Any help would be helpful. Thanks Bryan

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Bryan. With DC loads, there is a loss of voltage that increases the longer the cord is. The solution for this is either to use a thicker (higher gauge wire), or to use a higher amperage power supply. Or to place the power supply closer to the camera, so you can have a shorter DC cord, and a longer AC cord as AC power carries better over longer distances.

User Robert Praski Asked:

I need repleacement power adaptor for Seagate external drive 4T. the specs on burned old one are: AC input 100-240V > 50-60Hz; 0,65A Max; 51-80VA; DC output 12v - 2A; plug external "-" internal"+" Old Manufactured by Asian Power devices Inc.Model #WA-24E12 S/N 849284088. I need something compatable to that - don't want repleacement. European power connector. Thanks ROB

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Rob. Looking at the specs you sent, it is really easy to fine the correct power supply. The input you don't have to worry about because it is standard in all of USA. The DC output is the important part. In this case I see you need a 12 Volt and 2 Amp DC Power Supply, and that the connector has to be center negative. Here is a link to the unit that you need:

User David M Bullington Asked:

Need to adaptor 100-240V input,12V out 2.5A

Our Technician Answers:

Hi DAvid.. THat is the standard power supply. LIsted under 12V 2.5A Power supplies on the main page. YOu can select both the UL listed or the Non-UL one.. Both will work for your application.

Power Supply News and Information

Choosing a Power Supply for A DC Motor

This article deals with the special considerations you must make when you are choosing a power supply for a a DC motor. These special considerations require an understading of continous vs peak draw, and how they effect any specific 12V Power Supply.

Power Supply News

When choosing a power supply for a DC motor, you must know two things about a motor. These are the continous draw of the motor, measured in AMPS, or Watts, and the Peak Draw. The continous draw is the amount of power, or load, that the DC motor pulls from the power supply when it is already running. This is usually a smaller number than the peak draw. It is often measured in Watts, which is equal to the Amperage of the motor, multiplied by the voltage. So a 5 Amp DC motor running at 12V will consume 60 Watts of power. This is called the continuos draw, and must be less than the contimous load rating of the power supply. THe other major factor to consider when selecting a power supply for a DC motor is the peak draw. This is the amount of draw when the motor is just starting up, going from a stopped to running state. This peak power limit is usually significantly higher that the continous draw... So if a motor draws 3A on continous running, it might draw up to 5 Amps or more for a few moments as it starts running. Most switching power supplies have a protection circuit, which will turn them off if load peaks beyond it's safe capabilities. You must ensure that the peak rating of the motor does not surpass the peak shutoff protection of the powr supply. An example is, that if you want to power a DC motor with a 3A continous draw, you must assume the peak draw as about 50% more, so you should select a 5A power supply. This will be enough to get through the peak power usage, and will of course have no trouble running the continous load of 3A. Hope that makes it clear.....