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Power Supply Adapters for Electronic Devices.

Power Supply Adapters for:

LED Lights   • Hard Drives   • Monitors
Video   •   DC Motors   •   Audio
Any device that requires stable DC power.
High quality Power Supply

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Standard Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These standard 12V Power Supplies are ideal for all home or consumer application. They have a very low failure rate, and are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Standard Power Supply Adapter

UL Listed Power Supply Adapters: 12 Volt DC (12V DC):

These UL listed power supplies recieve the highest level of testing, and are UL certified for
manufacturing quality. They have a 0% failure rate, and come with a 2 year
immediate replacement warranty.

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Waterproof Power Supply Adapter: 12 Volt DC (12V DC / Outdoor)
Waterproof 12V Power Supply
Waterproof Power Supply for Outdoor or Humid Environment Use.
This power adapter has a sealed case that allows it to be placed in rainy
environments, humid environment, or other tough environmental conditions.
LED lights/Strips, Signs, Water Pumps, Security Cameras etc...
Power Supply Adapter for LED lights and Strips: 12 Volt DC (12V DC)
Power Supply Adapter for LED lights

This power adapter supplies a constant current, Ideal for all types of
LED based lights, including signs, camera lights, LED strips and many more.

Constant current for stable lighting

Ask An Expert

User karynn gerow Asked:

hi my electrician is wiring my solar lights so they ll last longer i need anything esp if its a plug thats 1.2volts and 600 milli amps and then i have to waterproof it any ideas of what i could use thanks

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Karynn.. For any outdoor application, you should use one of the waterproof water supplies. These can be installed outside... in the rain, (but not for submerged use). They come in 12 Volt 2.5 Amp Size and 12V Volt 5 Amp Size. For all load from 1A to 2.5A (12W-30W) use the 12V 2.5A, for all loads from 2.5A to 5A, use the 5A unit.. Simple as that.

User brandon Asked:

I need to replace a Foshan Hanyi AC adapter, model HSY70-12. Please offer suggestions.

Our Technician Answers:

HI Brandon***. I am unable to give you details about specific model numbers. In order to find the correct power supply, you have to find the voltage of your device, as well as the maximum amp, or watts it uses... then you just have to match the voltage exactly, usually 12 Volts, and pick a power supply that is the same, or bigger in Amp rating than your device. So if your device is 12 Volts, and uses 2.5A, you can use a 2.5A power supply, but even better, use a power supply that has a slightly highr capacity, such as 3A or More. This way the power supply will run cooler and more stable, than one running at it's maximum capacity. If you only have the rating of your device in watts, then you simply divide by the voltage to get amps. For example, a 12V motor, running at 60 watts. You would divide 60W by 12V, which means it is a 5 Amp device. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

User Matthew Ponsot Asked:

I am seeking a power supply for a Netgear ReadyNAS 314 input 110 output 12volt, 7.5A (4 pin din) Their part number 332-10581-01 Please help! Thank you!

Our Technician Answers:

Hi Matthew. To find the power supply you need, you should simply do a google search for the model number of your device. In this case just put: Netgear ReadyNAS 314 in Google. All you need is to find the voltage (V) and the Amperage (A) of the device.. and match them to the adapters on our site.. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Power Supply News and Information

Understanding Amperage, and Selecting a Power Supply.

This article addresses a commonly asked question, what does amperage mean, and how do I select the correct amperage power supply for my device.

Power Supply News

Amperage is an accurate measure of the amount of current passing any point in an electrical system (wire), at any given moment. If voltage can be considered the size of the the electrical flow, the Amperage is the speed of the flow; how many electrons pass a certain point in the wire per given number of seconds. When choosing the Amperage of a 12 volt power supply, it is important to realize that the Amp rating of the power supply represents the highest (maximum) load that it can handle. This means that a 12 Volt power supply rated at 5 Amps, can handle any load up to 5A, or 5000 mA. It would be safe to use that device for any smaller device or load, such as a 1A router, or 2A DC motor. It is not recommended to put a higher load on a power adapter than it is maximum rating. This will shorten the life of the unit, lead to quick failure, and possibly be a hazard. In order to find the maximum wattage of a power supply, you multiply the volts by the amps. For example, a 12 Volt 5 Amp power supply would be 12 x 5 which is equal to 60 watts. This means that the power supply can handle any 12V device, rated up to 60 Watts.